ADOPTED! January 4, 2017


Arrival Date: 11/30/2016
Breed: Terrier Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year
Weight: 20-25#
Personality: Happy-Go-Lucky, Energetic
Fully Vaccinated:  Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
In foster Home: Yes
Dog Social: Yes
Crate Trained: No
House Trained: 95%
Kid-Friendly: Yes – No babies, older kids OK (6+)
Cat-Friendly Unknown
Origin: Lakewood Animal Control Transfer
Adoption Fee: $200

Baxter is a young, scruffy, terrier mix. He was found running the streets of Lakewood and traced back to his owner who had admittedly tied him to a fence post for someone she had arranged to pick him up after posting him as a free dog on Craiglist. The person never came to get him and he must have chewed himself off the pole and ran. Luckily he was safely contained at the shelter and then once they confirmed the owner did not want him he was transferred to us. We vaccinated him and had him neutered.

When he arrived he was very shy at first but after a day of meeting new friends he warmed right up and has been a delight. He moved to a foster home for about three weeks and is now ready to find a forever home. Baxter is up to date on shots, spayed and microchipped.


Baxter is a sweet, smart, energetic dog who is eager to learn. He knows sit, is working on down, and can give a “high five”. He is always really coming along nicely on “wait” (hand held up in “stop position” while he is in a sit.) He would be fantastic at agility once he has a solid grasp of all his basic obedience commands. Baxter loves kids and other dogs although we had one leash interaction with a dog across the street and I couldn’t tell exactly what the deal was. Even though he doesn’t weigh that much, Baxter is super strong on the leash and was pulling VERY hard to get to the other dog (we’ll never know his exact motives although they appeared positive). He LOVES, loves, loves the snow. Took him to an enclosed outdoor soccer field last Sunday and he played for almost an hour, fetching tennis balls, and racing around. If I hadn’t gotten too cold, he probably would have been happy to stay another hour.

baxtershm_kidBaxter LOVES kids, seems to love other dogs. Cat curious – perhaps TOO curious (based on two experiences at my parents’ house – they have a senior cat who is fairly mean.)

Leash walking: He is somewhat of a disaster on a leash, although he’s doing a lot better. Don’t think he’d been exposed to walks much before because he wouldn’t pee or poop while on a walk, only to come home and sit by the back door and THEN go to the bathroom outside. I put him on a harness and would not recommend walking him with other dogs b/c he thinks it’s playtime and starts jumping and doing all the play behaviors while on the walk. Hard to get him to stay focused and keep walking.

Housebreaking: He is about 95% of the way there. Will sit at the door to let you know he wants to go out. Only had two accidents and both were while I was gone and he had busted out of his crate, so it might have been anxiety.

Baxter eats his dog food sparingly. I put the bowl down, he eats about a fourth of it, then walks away. He’ll come back to his eating area and sit down, and I’ll put the bowl down again, and he’ll eat a little more. Even though he’s supposed to eat one cup, twice a day, I think he’s only actually eaten ALL of both servings two days that I’ve had him here. Treats, however, are another story. He understands sit, down and stay for a treat. He’s also working on catching the treat which he can manage about 50% of the time.

baxtershm_floorI truly cannot say enough good things about him. He’s just a positive, energetic, light-hearted dog (not to anthropomorphize too much) who really should NOT be left home alone all day, unless it’s with a younger dog who also needs a playmate or unless he can go to doggy day care several times a week. OR, if he gets lots of long walks and lots of play time in the mornings and evenings and then can sleep during the day he would be okay- but this is not the dog for a couch potato family.

I know I’m only his foster mom, but I would love to see him flourish with the right family. I would love to keep him, but at almost five years old, both of my dogs are not in a place where they can tolerate his energy. He will give so much joy to the right home. I can’t wait to see how well he does in the right environment. He’s just a doll.

We are not a traditional shelter, we are a cage-free facility. All dogs are temperament tested and must get along with other dogs to stay here. Appointments must be made in advance to meet our Secondhand Mutts. Please call 216-664-9660 or email to set up a time. We are closed on Sundays. We prefer to adopt to local families but will consider long distance adoptions.

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Our Adoptables Are
  • Socialized in a cage-free dog daycare environment
  • Dog-Friendly
  • Cat Tested (upon request)
  • Fostered in real homes
  • Spayed or Neutered
  • Temperament tested
  • Veterinary Health Checked
  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Distemper Vaccinated
  • Rabies Vaccinated
  • Bordetella Vaccinated
  • Heartworm Tested
  • Microchipped
  • Flea Preventative
  • Heartworm Preventative
  • Groomed prior to adoption

Services provided by
Gateway Animal Clinic

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