Arrival Date: 4/17/17
Breed: Hound/Shepherd Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 4-5 years
Weight: 50# Estimate
Personality: Gentle, Happy-Go-Lucky, Soft
Fully Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
In foster Home: Yes
Dog Social: Yes
Crate Trained:  Yes, not needed though
House Trained: Yes
Kid-Friendly: No Small Children
Cat-Friendly No
Origin: Gallia County Animal Shelter
Adoption Fee: $200

Blossom is as sweet as they come but she needs to learn some obedience (she likes to jump up!). She is a larger dog, brindle in color and her personality is gentle and sweet. She is most likely a Plothound/Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix. She was transferred north to us from a rural shelter in southern Ohio. Blossom is up to date on vaccines and preventatives, spayed and ready to find a forever home. She recently had a fatty tumor removed from her belly and is a healthy middle aged dog. Blossom is estimated to be between 5-7 years old. She does like other dogs but is a little overwhelmed in a large pack environment. She would do best as an only dog or a second dog in the household baring we have a good match for her. Blossom loves toys, she will collect her toys and entertain herself for hours throwing toys around. At this time given her excitement jumping we would not recommend her for a home with small children.


Current Foster Home:
Blossom is awesome!!  She is so sweet….except while eating.  While eating she is defensive of her food (something to watch in a home with other dogs or small children).  She eats her food immediately.  She drops a few pieces here and there but cleans up the floor after she eats everything out of the bowl. She loves to be outside.  A fenced in yard or invisible fence would be great for her.  She spends a ton of time in my backyard.  She periodically comes in to get a drink and goes right back out.  We have gone for at least two walks per day for a total of 3-5 miles.  She is strong out of the gate for about five to ten minutes and then slows down.  She really likes going for walks.  She tried to chase a Mack truck yesterday.  I explained to her the truck would win that fight but I do not think she was listening.

She is house trained and has not have one accident.  She met my parents and could not have been better.  She walks up to people and sits.  Just wants some love.  She will get petted until your arms fall asleep and then will play with her toys or lay down.  She is very independent yet just clingy enough.  She follows you around the house and likes to be wherever you are.  But she also likes her space and has no trouble being alone outside for a while.  
She is high energy and needs her exercise.  She barely ever barks.  She chases my neighbor’s car along the fence line and barks at it, but that is it for her making noise.  She is indifferent to people and dogs while on walks.  She will chase squirrels periodically and almost always goes after chipmunks.  She is not destructive.  She roamed free in my house and did not cause any damage.   She is treat motivated.  She is very playful and loves to be active.  

I do not know how she would be with small children [Secondhand Mutts is recommending a home without small children].  She has food aggression and may be possessive of her toys.  If she brought a toy over I would throw it or play with her.  However, most of the time she chases her toys and flings them around the room on her own.  I petted her while she was eating and she growled.  So I just let her eat in peace.  I had her sit and stay before I fed her.  She is very good at that.
She is very affectionate and very sweet.  She is a fantastic dog. 

Foster Home: 4/20/17 to 5/11/17
Blossom arrived in our home a pretty anxious dog — not sure how long she had been outside of home life, but it was easy to see that she wanted to like and trust us. Within the week she was hopping up on beds to sleep with various members of our family (depending on who went to bed and when) and snuggling in like she’d been there all her life. She is an affectionate dog.

Not too long after her arrival, she also found her bark and took it upon herself to protect us from the squirrels and birds that frequent the back yard, as well as the neighbors who would come and go. It was a notification bark though, not a threatening one. This was her spot and we were  her pack — interlopers should just keep moving. Her favorite spot to keep watch was the window seat in the front of our house. It was a bit of a jump for her, but she really enjoyed watching the comings and goings of the neighborhood.

Blossom is clearly a hound and is interested in scoring people food if/when she can. At family meals she would make a tour of the table, nosing around everyone’s space (told at each one, ‘No, your food is over there,’), and then, resignedly, she’d head to her bowl and eat her kibble.

It doesn’t look like Blossom has had had much obedience training. She would sit on command if she saw you were holding a treat, but not with any consistency. She will also need leash training. She would need a harness on walks to prevent us getting our arms pulled off. (We have one that slips under her front legs and joins together behind her shoulders — that worked pretty well.)

My teenage daughters absolutely adored this dog and she was very sweet with all of us.



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Our Adoptables Are
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  • Dog-Friendly
  • Cat Tested (upon request)
  • Fostered in real homes
  • Spayed or Neutered
  • Temperament tested
  • Veterinary Health Checked
  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Distemper Vaccinated
  • Rabies Vaccinated
  • Bordetella Vaccinated
  • Heartworm Tested
  • Microchipped
  • Flea Preventative
  • Heartworm Preventative
  • Groomed prior to adoption

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