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The foster application is for those interested in fostering only (we realize that some time you may fall in love and adopt but that’s not your intention right now), not fostering-to-adopt (trying out a dog to adopt). Please use our Adoption Application if you are ultimately interested in adopting a dog. Most of our dogs are eligible to trial-adopt prior to adoption to insure they are matched with a forever family.

If you are interested in our trial-adopt program to take home a SPECIFIC DOG in the hopes of giving it a forever home please fill out the adoption application. We will not process foster applications for those interested in fostering specific dogs in hopes of trying them out to adopt them. We would consider your interest an adoption interest and will give you the opportunity to trial adopt for a short period of time (usually 2 weeks).

DumplinSHM_homeIf you are interested in fostering dogs for us please complete the form below. We will do our best to match you up with the right dog and dog who needs a foster home. Being a foster home provider means you are willing to open your home to any dog that needs a home, whether it be a short term need or longer commitment. We will of course discuss with you the dogs we have a need to move into a foster home and hope that you can provide a stable environment for a dog until it is adopted.

Once the application is completed and submitted our volunteers will check your veterinary and personal references and follow up with you if there are any unanswered questions or concerns. This can take up to 72 hours, but can move quickly if you notify your personal references that we will be calling. Please be patient and refrain from calling us during the 72 hours. You can reach us via email at anytime to check the status of your application.

We encourage you to follow us on Facebook to see the new dogs that arrive, always check the status of our dogs on our home page, and stay engaged with our foster coordinators via email at


Personal Information

Household Information

Personal Pet Information

Foster Provider Expectations and Experience

Veterinarian Reference

Please provide us with the name and number of your veterinarian. Please be sure to call your veterinarian’s office and give them permission to speak with the volunteers at Secondhand Mutts and release your records. Please verify with your veterinarians office the name on your account matches the name on this application. If it differs list other names on your vet account.

Personal References

We also require personal references such as a neighbor, co-worker, or friend. Please do not list people related to you. Let them know you have listed them as a reference as someone from our organization may call. Please let your references know in advance to check their voicemail messages and return calls promptly. Failure to respond to a personal reference check may delay the process to have involved as a foster provider.

Social Media

Our primary mode of communication with our fosters is through a private Facebook group. Do you have an active Facebook Account or use a 'Facebook Groups' app to stay connected on social media?

Let's Get Started!

After submitting the application one of our volunteer Foster Coordinators will be in touch with you via email or by phone as they start to process your application. Please allow us up to a week to process your application. If you have any questions in the meantime you can reach us at
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