Jumping for Joy: Kanga’s Story

kangaFor those who have followed us for the past few years you are no stranger to a dog named Kanga who entered our program in November 2013. Yes, we said 2013….she’s been with us for two and a half years. Kanga, arrived as a young boxer mix with a leap bigger than namesake: the Kangaroo. She has not only proven to leap fences, leap into bunk beds 5′ off the ground but she has also leaped from foster home to home back to foster home to another home back to foster home and a few stints at boarding long term at our facility and another and today we are happy to announce she has finally landed: At her forever home.

ExtraMile_logo_squareIt’s been a long time and we stuck by Kanga, watching her grow up, get exposed to many dogs, get overwhelmed with too many dogs, get irritated with the constant daycare environment of daycare (it can make a dog a little nuts living here day in and day out).  Along the way she’s made some dog friends and along the way she’s had her struggles. She has always loved people and she has always loved cats. She loves to run and burn off energy and she was placed with a couple over a year ago who started their journey with her volunteering by running her for miles and miles. They did this for about a month and then decided to adopt her. Sadly, a few months later they determined due to some house breaking issues and severe leash re-activity issues when walked in public she wasn’t a fit. Rather than take her back we offered to help by providing training through our Extra Mile fund. But in the end we all determined she was the wrong dog for the situation she was living in and she was returned.

Months later she started going home with a young woman who worked at The Mutt Hutt and at first was doing well there. We knew the best fit for Kanga was one where she could get away from dog daycare life so we had our doubts things would work but we had to give it a try for her sake. It was a short lived attempt and once again, Kanga proved to be “too much dog” and wasn’t playing nice due to some toy guarding issues and we took her back and moved her back into one of her many foster homes.

kanga_sleepkanga_trainKanga has been leaping from home to foster home to home to foster home to daycare and back to foster homes during her two and a half years with us. Last summer we place her in an outside boarding and training facility to give her a break from her unstable routine in hopes of offering her structure. What we learned is she is one of the most obedient, work-smart dogs around. She is eager to please and she is affectionate toward humans like no other. She is loyal, patient and loving. She has trouble meeting dogs on a leash so we knew we had to find her a home either as an only dog or a dog who’s owner could care less about taking her on walks but okay with having friendly dogs over to play. But where will we find that owner?

kanga_smutThree years ago an elderly gentleman by the name of Bill adopted a middle aged dog named Porkchop from our organization. Porkchop was a one of a kind dog that had a troubled past transferred to us from another shelter due to his cage behavior and fear issues. We were close to deeming him non-adoptable, with no interest for months, until Bill came into his/our life and gave Porkchop the security and chance he needed. Porkchop provided Bill with a lifetime of companionship albeit only a few short years. Sadly, Porkchop passed away from natural causes a few weeks ago. Never without a dog Bill promptly looked up dogs on our website and inquired about Kanga. We knew Bill was patient, we knew he was home 24/7, we knew he had a large fenced  yard and we knew he had a way with “special” dogs.

On March third we took Kanga to Bill’s house to meet him and he started fostering. Bill is disabled and has a wonderful family of dog-loving people in his life including a home caretaker, dog caretaker and a huge yard for Kanga to play in. When we arrived at his house with Kanga Bill  had a big overstuffed chair set up for her next to his lift-chair-bed, a dog bed on the floor (if she preferred that) and a basket full of dog toys. A bowl of fresh water, bones by his side and a smile on his face we will never forget.

kanga_yardNeedless to say since night one Kanga choose to sleep on Bill’s chair, with Bill, and that is where she’s been night after night since she got to the house. He let’s her out to play in his large yard and she gets visits from her favorite dog caretaker John daily. She has toys and dog food shipped to the house and she’s made herself at home. She’s welcome to come in for daycare visits thanks to donors who have left us with daycare visits at The Mutt Hutt to donate to adopted dogs who may need visits but their owners may not be able to afford the service.

Thank you to everyone for believing in our mission, believing in Kanga and thank you to the anonymous donors who made it possible for Bill to adopt her sooner than he expected when the fee was covered by two of our supporters. Thank you to the foster families who gave her a break from daycare life and provided her with love, a couch, and a family, to the two families who gave her a chance in their home when she was adopted, to Gateway Animal Clinic for your constant care for her allergies, to Roxanna and Christina at HDPK9, Mel at Paramount Dog Training, Martha at Portraits by Martha, to the staff at The Mutt Hutt and to Bill, his family and John who we know will care for Kanga for her lifetime.

Respect the dog.



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