Logan and Hobble: We are funding for an “Arm and a Leg” and we need your assistance

ExtraMile_logo_squareWe are committed to helping dogs, like Hobble, who otherwise may be euthanized or looked over at rural shelters due to a lack of funding. Logan and Hobble and other dogs  in our program like Reuben, Logan, Kanga and Miracle got the help they need through The Extra Mile fund. If you would like to donate for their medical care please click here to learn more about this rewarding program.

With these two dogs alone we need to raise $3950.
We can do it with your help.

Logan’s Story

LoganSHM_face_webLogan came to us via owner surrender when the owners realized they could not properly care for him and they decided to Respect the Dog. Of course we would take him in: cute, energetic, affectionate puppy…he’d be an easy adoption!

Once Logan was introduced to the public it took no time for him to gain interest and soon enough there was about to be a hand-off for foster to adopt!
And then…our “easy” adoption got a little twisted: literally.

During the course of play at daycare with another Secondhand Mutt, Logan’s leg twisted “just so” and a limp appeared…we gave him a day of rest to see if he could shake it off but since he didn’t, it was off to Gateway Animal Clinic! We started with anti-inflammatory and paid meds but it wasn’t helping so off to Animal Emergency West he went…with a diagnosis of torn ACL.

His foster-to-adopt family had already been caring for him in their home and they were as bummed and concerned as we were over the diagnosis. Luckily he is a young, healthy pup…but getting him “ready” for the surgery (lots of crate training) was no easy task: Logan just wants to be off having fun!

The surgeons were smart to make us wait until the foster family felt confident he could deal with the amount of crate rest he’d need (eight weeks’ worth!) after the surgery and then it was scheduled and the surgery was performed last week (while foster mom was on spring break from her teaching job) and Logan is on the mend…

What we need to mend now is our pocketbook!

The surgery, along with his previous vet visits and meds cost us nearly $3000 and that’s a lot of money!

Hobble’s Story

HobbleSHM_richlandHobble was transferred from the Richland County Animal Shelter to our facility to get the medical care he needed from our organization funded by our generous supporters. Hobble was originally taken to a local cat rescue facility and when turned away he was taken to the Richland County Animal Shelter. It was close to closing time when the “owner” arrived and quickly dropped him off and left. The wonderful staff there immediately noticed something was wrong with his front right leg and quarantined him in a cage until he could get transferred to a rescue that would take care of him. That’s us! One of our dedicated transport volunteers drove from Cleveland to Medina to meet one of the volunteers from Mansfield for the puppy pass on. He was safely delivered to us and taken to our veterinarian.
Hobble_bedHobble  is a 12 week old Shar Pei/Chocolate Lab mixed puppy. He is adorable and soft and we are certain he will find a loving home to move into as soon as he is ready for one (we are in the process of screen applications now). Hobble arrived at the Richland County Animal Shelter with a lame front right leg. Scar tissue and a crooked paw indicated a prior injury and veterinary assistance would be needed to make a plan for his car. Hobble doesn’t seem to mind hobbling along but occasionally he will trip but he gets right up. We took him to see Dr. Liz at Gateway Animal Clinic and she speculated the injury was either an old injury that could have been he was stepped on or got his foot caught somewhere or he could have been born with the defect. Sometimes puppies umbilical cords can be wrapped around their legs while they are growing causing an injury quite like what we are seeing on Hobble. The facts are we have no real facts on his history or what really happened. What we do know is the best thing for Hobble is to have his front leg amputated within the next six weeks.

We have moved Hobble to a temporary foster home and are now busy screening applicants so we can move him into a fostering-to-adopt home. By doing this he will be able to settle in with the family we’ve chosen for him to live out his life, get properly trained and prepared for surgery and then have a home to recover in. Puppies who have legs amputated adjust very well as they are already learning and Hobble will grow up not knowing the difference of having 3 or 4 legs. He will be neutered during surgery.

The cost for his surgery is estimated to be $950.


Combining Logan’s and Hobble’s care our Extra Mile Funding is depleting quickly and we need your support. Please consider donating so that we continue to confidently help dogs through our The Extra Mile fund whenever it’s necessary and whenever we can. Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

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Our Adoptables Are
  • Socialized in a cage-free dog daycare environment
  • Dog-Friendly
  • Cat Tested (upon request)
  • Fostered in real homes
  • Spayed or Neutered
  • Temperament tested
  • Veterinary Health Checked
  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Distemper Vaccinated
  • Rabies Vaccinated
  • Bordetella Vaccinated
  • Heartworm Tested
  • Microchipped
  • Flea Preventative
  • Heartworm Preventative
  • Groomed prior to adoption

Services provided by
Gateway Animal Clinic

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