ADOPTED! August 14, 2017


Arrival Date: 7/13/2017
Breed: Terrier Mutt
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Weight: 20# approx
Personality: Scared/Fearful but warms up
Fully Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
In foster Home: Seeking Foster Home
Dog Social: Yes
Crate Trained: Unknown
House Trained: Yes
Kid-Friendly: Not recommended
Cat-Friendly Unknown
Origin: Owner Surrender
Adoption Fee: $200


Rudy is a product of “convenience euthanasia”. His owners took him to their veterinarian for care about his severe skin issues and did not want to or could not afford attend to his needs and opted to euthanize him instead. Luckily for Rudy and our relationship with local veterinarians they were able to reach us and asked us if we could spare some room and safe his life. We agreed to take him in and now we are seeking a foster home until we find him a forever home.

Rudy is a great passenger in the car as you can see from his picture on the left. He was pretty nervous when we first met him and were greeted with some growls of fear. He responds well to females and high pitched tones and with a little coaxing he was leashed up and taken out for a walk with one of our volunteers. Once comfortable he got his “freedom ride” to our facility. Rudy met a few dogs and did well but seems to like being around people more and did bark to get our attention. He is slowly being integrated into the pack of dogs at daycare and should be ready to find a foster home in 3-5 days.

Rudy_backRudy has a severe case of flea dermatitis. The vet treated him with all the medicines he is able to take to help stop the discomfort and kill the fleas and eggs immediately. In time his hair will grow back but it could take months. It is recommended that Rudy remain on a non-liquid flea preventative in the future (we recommend Nexguard). Rudy is up to date on shots, neutered and microchipped. Rudy is a dog that will not require regular grooming services but a dog that would benefit from oatmeal baths every 8 weeks and a trim if his new owners see fit to trim him. We like his shaggy look though!

We can’t wait to see how Rudy looks in 6 months!

Check back for an update on Rudy or email us if you would like to meet him.


Coming soon!

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Our Adoptables Are
  • Socialized in a cage-free dog daycare environment
  • Dog-Friendly
  • Cat Tested (upon request)
  • Fostered in real homes
  • Spayed or Neutered
  • Temperament tested
  • Veterinary Health Checked
  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Distemper Vaccinated
  • Rabies Vaccinated
  • Bordetella Vaccinated
  • Heartworm Tested
  • Microchipped
  • Flea Preventative
  • Heartworm Preventative
  • Groomed prior to adoption

Services provided by
Gateway Animal Clinic

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